Monday, 25 February 2013


Don’t send that email to your mum just yet
She might not understand what we’ve been through
Or care about the true cause of our debt
When she herself has many problems too.
Perhaps it’s better for us to pretend
That all is fine and that we can afford
To live without the money she might lend
If our electronic begging strikes a chord?
For must we not each face life on our own
And try to make ends meet when fortune shrugs?
Perhaps I should take back my mobile phone
Or maybe we can give up drink and drugs?
But let's not ask your mum, who’s such a snob
She’ll probably just suggest I find a job.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Crown of Sin (1/7 Wrath)

Let’s contemplate, and weave a crown of sin
And for this task let Anger kick us off
Why is it bad if my blood should begin
To boil and fill my soul with burning Wrath?
When shitty modern life drives me insane
And nothing in the world seems to make sense
How can I clear a space inside my brain
Or relax when the pressure’s most intense?
I hit the kids when I’m pissed off, so what?
I swear at cunts who cut me up in cars
Love and peace man, they mean diddley-swat
I like to get in fights at night in bars
‘Cause Anger can be power and I trust
That Wrath is no more sinning than is Lust

Crown of Sin (2/7 Lust)

That Wrath is no more sinning than is Lust?
Well Lust cannot be sin ‘cause it’s such fun
That glorious softness into which I thrust
Has been there ever since the world begun
The shadow beneath tits from far away
A subtle glance behind which pleasures lurk
Is procreation to be led astray?
I fantasise, and crack one off at work.
Though not just all desire’s of the flesh
I also yearn to join a country club
But when love fails to keep libido fresh
I fuck the sluts I pick up down the pub
Or buy a blowjob in a darkened street
Then on my way back home I stop and eat


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Crown of Sin (3/7 Gluttony)

Then on my way back home I stop and eat
To indulge in delicious so called ‘sin’
Kebab and chips with Gluttony’s sweet deceit
That keeps my bloated stomach feeling thin
But still there’s emptiness that must be filled
I eat and eat and eat until I hurt
Spicy sausage, salmon, steamed and grilled
‘Till stuffed I am with undone jeans and shirt
And then I pack my face with Chocolate Goo
And Belgian waffles topped with toffee sauce
That’s washed down with a pint of coke or two
And thrown up on the pavement of remorse.
My body’s racked with hunger, I must feed
For Gluttony keeps me busy, just like Greed

Crown of Sin (4/7 Greed)

For Gluttony keeps me busy, just like greed
I love to shop for things that I adore
Though buy one get one free’s not all I need
But more and more and more and more and more
Six cars and sixteen brand new shiny suits
Three houses and a twenty-five foot yacht
Ten pairs of sixteen hundred dollar boots
Another golden bling-ring like I’ve got
So tell me why you think that I should share
When everything’s still not enough for me
You cannot win, but why should winners care
If you can’t feed your children. Can’t you see
That Capitalism doesn’t make mistakes?
The rich man should be proud of what he takes

Crown of Sin (5/7 Pride)

The rich man should be proud of what he takes
We all know Pride’s not sin, nor a disease
The artist who’s ashamed of what he makes
Will find it hard to find someone to please.
Conspicuous consumption’s all the rage
I flaunt with Pride the trophies I have won
Why shove my glorious victories in a cage
And not upon the front page of The Sun?
As much a sin it is then, not to show
The way I feel when feeling’s filled with pride,
As is this sin from which all others grow.
Should I be modest and pretend that I’d
Not felt the joy of feeling envious eyes
Upon me where no envy’s in disguise?

Crown of Sin (6/7 Envy)

Upon me, where no envy’s in disguise,
Are placed the burdens of a wanting mind
Beyond the doors of envy, treasure lies
What’s yours that’s worth desire, is there to find.
The grass is always greener and I say
“Well done”, “Good luck”, “I love you” but I lie
Your winning keeps my happiness at bay,
And makes me sort of wish that you would die
What’s wrong with hoping you lose all you own?
My Envy keeps ambition hard and quick
Though now I’m feeling broken and alone
I’ll build myself what you’ve got brick by brick
Beginning with your suit of Nessus’ cloth,
Such wealth I’ll get when finally rid of sloth

Crown of Sin (7/7 Sloth)

Such wealth I’ll get when finally rid of sloth
But not today though, hey, let’s just relax…
Turn on the TV, turn my brain back off
Smoke a spliff, feel my body change to wax
Spend a bit of time on my Play Station,
MaƱana’s what I think they say in French,
What I need’s a really long vacation,
Go down to the park and sleep on a bench
In the sun, with my feet up, can’t be arsed
To do anything else. Nothing will come
Of nothing, but the first will still be last
And the last be first… now I’m feeling numb…
Can’t think… bad breeds bad… Sloth lets anger in…
Let’s contemplate, and weave a crown of sin…

Friday, 15 February 2013


Control your heart
Enjoy this now
Don't let it slip away.
For plenty future memories
Are taking place today.


You think there is a thing in life
That seems to you a curse,
But if you from a problem run
You will run in reverse.

Get rich from your blog!

I never thought that blogging,
Would make me rich one day
Nor that writing poems
Should be done to earn some pay
But now I know, and you can see
(From the picture on the right)
That I've already got 20p
And the future's looking bright!

Beside the headboard

Beside the headboard, the window shakes
Next to the grey the blue is startled
Close your eyes to the noise in your head
Let your knowing let you leave
Understand all forgiving
Lie down and take it
Rest with it
And go.