Saturday, 12 January 2013

Silent Witness and the DeLonghi Perfecta

They’ve got one now. When the camera takes us into Leo’s office. There it is in the far corner waiting to have its buttons pressed and to spout out its delicious loveliness.
However, there is the problem of noise. When I make a coffee early in the morning it’s hard not to wake the children, which sort of ruins the point of waking up early to attempt something creative. For example this is being written upstairs in bed, where I can turn on my computer and write in relative silence.
If I had ventured downstairs and turned on ‘the machine’,  first of all there’s the huge clacking and whirring of it starting up and then there’s the grinding howl of its actual coffee making.
It’s a lovely machine; we got it as a combined Christmas present from both of our families four years ago (and even then we had saved up half the money, so for us it was not inexpensive).
Yes, it’s a wonder of nature and thoughts of it even now fill me with joyous expectation. It’s really good, but it’s really, really noisy.
In Silent Witness, in Leo’s office, they’ve added a coffee jug, which they walk over and pour coffee from. There’s no heater to the side of ‘the machine’ so their all drinking cold coffee, but then again they’re actors so that’s what they do.
I guess they added the coffee jug due to the fact that if they actually pressed the buttons they’d have to stop filming for three minutes while everyone watched the coffee being made and listened to the cacophony of noise that this action entails.

PS: Maybe the newer one (which they have) is quieter?
PPS: Is their coffee drinking a homage to Scandinavian Crime TV and Books?
Bye for now.

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